About Us

Why We Do What We Do

I am the mother of four daughters – Kirsty, Melissa, Nina and Phoebe. Kirsty has an allergy to nuts and soya. I’m also grandmother to my little grandson Harvey, who has multiple allergies.

I’ve been involved in nut-free / allergy-friendly food manufacturing for 30+ years.

My aim has always been to provide food that’s appealing to everyone and safe for people with allergies.

We hope that Free From Friends will stop people with allergies from feeling different. So often they miss out on treats because people are afraid to offer them things when they don’t know if they’re safe or not.

Our products are free from all of the major allergens and we also have vegetarian and vegan lines. We’re going to launch them slowly but eventually we’ll have a full range of sweetie boxes, party bags, wedding favours and cake mixes. We have recipes and meal ideas to share along the way.

We want to create a community, so please do contact us.

James T

“I have had a life-threatening nut allergy all my life. Delighted with my sweets. Great to be able to know they are totally nut free. They are delicious, I would definitely buy again and would recommend”